Electric Chain Saw Buyers Guide – Chose Right Chain Saw

How to Choose Best Electric Chainsaw-Buyers Guide

The choice of chainsaw depends on your work i.e need it for light-duty or for heavy-duty. Previously gas-powered chainsaws were used but now a days World has switched towards electric power tools because they have additional features like

  1. They are far Quieter
  2. Requires less maintenance
  3. Do not need Gasoline(saves money)
  4. Easy to start and use

Most people only focus on those parameters they know well like power, bar length, etc. But there are many more features that you should keep in mind before buying because they will be very helpful in selecting your best electric chainsaw. These are described below.

Corded VS Cordless Chainsaws

Corded Chainsaw

As the name indicates these chainsaws need a power cord for its working and are cheaper. They have a power cable that needs an extension cord for working. These are more powerful than cordless versions and delivers different power outputs ranging between 8-14.5 Amp and their extension cord gives you a maximum length of 100 feet. They are also lubricating that reduces wear and tear,

The only downside is its limited access. Because it allows you to work within a limited area or in other words you need several extension cords for doing different jobs.

Cordless Chainsaw

These gain their power from a battery and are a bit expensive. These electric chainsaws allow freedom of movement. But these are considered less powerful than corded versions. Its power output is measured between 24-82 Volts.

Power and Speed

Make sure to buy the chainsaw that suits your work. If you are a household and want it for personal use then only buy a chainsaw that has less power and save your money. But, if you are a professional then spend on your tools and buy the best with high power.

Shortly, power or speed depends on the type of work you perform. It is important to note that the power of chainsaw is advertised as Amperage and Voltage. Corded versions power range between 8-14.5 Amp while cordless have 24-82 Volts.

Bar Length

The guide bar is a log-shaped protrusion that houses your chain. Generally, its length ranges between 6-32 inched(15-81cm). The length of a bar is linked directly with the length of wood that you cut in one pass. For example, if you have a 6-inch bar and the piece of wood needs to cut is 12 inches then do not worry, you can easily cut it into two passes.

Do not invest your money on heavy electric chainsaw if you are not a professional. Just use your energy and perform cutting multiple times. But if you are a professional and have a forest for cutting then go with the electric chainsaw with large bar length.

For your ease, we have created a guide bar length and required task table

Guide Bar Length Tasks
14″(35cm) or belowSmall jobs(trimming)
12-14″(30-35cm)Removing limbs and cutting down small trees
16″(40cm)Cutting Firewood
Cutting down medium trees

The following are the six teams that have qualified through the qualifier tournament and will play alongside Bangladesh and Sri Lanka for the four spots of the super 12s.

Always go for the budget-friendly purchase. This will not only save your time but reduces your anxiety about buying too.


Most of the electronic chainsaws vibrate as they are powerful and disturb the operator’s mood and work. You need a chainsaw that has anti vibrating features. This will help you a lot with good finished cuts.

Kick-Back Reduction

You must be familiar with kickback as it results in a lot of serious injuries. Features like a chain link help reduce the risk of kick-back.

Chain Brake

It is also a mandatory safety feature with no compromise. Chain brake also reduces the risk of unexpected accidents may be due to cause of kick-back.

If something serious is going to happen, automatically chain brake stops the chain and protects the operator.

Chain catcher

It is an additional safety feature in case if the guide bar comes off, it stops the chain from flying.


Chain and bar need oil for lubrication. The Auto-oiling system itself lubricates with the oil when needed. These chainsaws have windows through which oil level can be checked.

Tool-Free Adjustment

If you have used a chain saw before then you should understand the headache of adjusting tools manually. Tool-free adjustment needs easy to turn the knob and that’s it.

Comfortable Handle

The whole weight of chainsaw rest on your hands during working. If your chainsaw has a comfortable handle then it will reduce hand fatigue of operator when in prolonged use. Handles are designed and wrapped with rubber for increased convenience.


It is not mandatory equipment, but if you have it then it will protect your electric chainsaw from damage and injury during transport.

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