Electric Chainsaw Maintenance Tips for Better Operation and Longer Useful Life

You will definitely benefit greatly from a set of practical electric chainsaw maintenance tips if you are using such a tool extensively. It is indispensable when it comes to felling trees, cutting branches and making the most out of vegetation brought down by storms. With proper maintenance, your tool will operate effectively for years to come. You will not have to worry about breakdowns and damages which may be expensive to fix.


We all think that we are perfectly aware of the most basic electric chainsaw maintenance tips for the best electric chainsaw, but we are usually wrong. Firstly, you need to take the appropriate safety measures every time you plan to clean and maintain the tool. The most important thing is for the unit to be disconnected from the electric grid. You should also use garden gloves or similar ones which will protect your hands from accidental cuts. It is best for you to put on safety glasses as well. The risk is low, but wood splints can still find their way into your eyes during the maintenance of the tool.

The next most important basic tip is to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and guidelines when maintaining your electric chainsaw. Take time to read the owner’s manual and adhere to it when performing any kind of maintenance task. This will not only prevent you from breaching the warranty on the tool but will also ensure that your actions will not lead to problems.

Chain Maintenance

The chain is the part that is subject to the greatest wear and tear so it requires the most attention. There are two main goals for chain maintenance. The chain has to have perfect tension. It must be sufficiently sharp at all times. Use the following electric chainsaw maintenance tips to meet these goals.

You need to inspect the chain for sagging before each use of the tool. You need to tighten it immediately if you notice such a problem. If you do not take action, you risk having the chain come out of the guide bar and cause a serious injury.

In order to tighten the chain, you need to loosen the bar clamps on the unit first. That way, you will be able to move the guide bar freely for the job to be done. The next step is to find the chain adjustment screw. It should be clearly visible. Depending on the model, you need to turn the screw clockwise or counterclockwise in order to reposition the guide bar so that the chain is tight enough. Keep in mind that the chain should not be too tight either.

In order to find out when the blades of the chain need sharpening, you need to monitor the waste material produced during the operation of the tool. This is one of the most important electric chainsaw maintenance tips. If the tool is producing shavings, then it is working properly. If it is producing nothing but dust, then it is time for the blades to be sharpened.

If you decide to go for DIY blade sharpening, you must buy the appropriate tools and use the technique recommended by the manufacturer. If you do not have the required skills and some experience, it is best to have the blades professionally sharpened.

Guide Bar Maintenance

The chain runs around the guide bar so this is another major component that needs to be taken good care of with the help of the appropriate electric chainsaw maintenance tips. The first thing which the guide bar needs are appropriate cleaning from dust and shavings. It is best to use a putty knife to remove the dirt which has got accumulated in the tight areas of the bar.

The guide bar’s groove will suffer from burring as you keep using the tool. This is a normal thing that occurs due to the friction heat producing during the operation of the unit. You simply need to file the burrs using an appropriate tool for the purpose.

Check the sprocket holes on the guide bar on a regular and make sure that they are lubricated. If lubrication is required, you need to use a product recommended by the manufacturer. Follow the owner’s manual instructions for this maintenance task.

Use these electric chainsaw maintenance tips to ensure that you will be able to make the most out of the investment that you have made.

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